Keeping Abreast with the Unfolding TEC Train Wreck (Updated)

August 6, 2009

It’s time for the Diocese of South Carolina to join the new North American Province: Anglican Communion North America. Anything short will mark a complete failure of leadership.

Following are articles from global sources commenting on the complete travesty of General Convention 2009. Having compiled this list I will continue to update it as new articles are published.

August 19
Newsweek: Who Cares About the Episcopal Church?

August 15
Church of England News, Andrew Carey: Bad Hair Days for the Anglican Liberals.
American Anglican Council: A Message from Bishop David Anderson.

August 5
Albert Mohler: A House Divided?

August 4
London Times: Liberal Anglicans Declare War on Conservatives in the Church.
London Times, Ruth Gledhill: Open Warfare Now Declared.
Stand Firm: Here We Go Again – Bishop Candidate’s Writings Go Down The Memory Hole. (This is really creepy: a finalist for bishop in the Diocese of LA asserts that David, Saul and Jonathan, among others, were involved in a homosexual love triangle – and that this was the source of the conflict that existed between them. He goes onto suggest that YHWH is a homosexual male who was eroticized by David’s dancing before the ark as it entered Jerusalem.  Seriously.)

August 3
The Living Church: Diocese of Los Angeles and Minnesota Include Homosexual And Lesbian Candidates.
Truth for Life Radio Brodcast: Alistair Begg preaches about Truth, Heresy, Canterbury and GAFCON.

July 31
Virtue Online: A Message From The Presiding Bishop On Property Issues.
Global South Anglican: Statement By The Province Of South East Asia Standing Committee.

July 30
Anglican Communion Institute: NT Wright Unpacking the Archbishop’s Statement.
Newsweek: Only you.  And you.  And you. (Polyamory – the next wave in the sexual revolution.  Not directly related to General Convention, but tied to the total perversion of the revisionist sexual agenda in the US/TEC.)

July 29
Catholic News Service: Vatican Concerned About Recent Decisions of U.S. Episcopal Church.

July 27
Integrity: Integrity Responds To The Archbishop of Canterbury’s post-GC2009 Statement.
The Archbishop of Canterbury: Communion, Covenant and our Anglican Identity.

July 17
The Wall Street Journal: Their Separate Ways by Philip Jenkins.

July 15
London Times: The Americans Know This Will End In Schism.

July 14
London Times: Schism ‘Inevitable’ After US Bishops Approve Gay Ordination.
Fulcrum: Press Statement Following House of Bishop’s Action.
The American Anglican Council: Episcopal Bishops Repudiate Anglican Communion Moratorium On Gay Bishops.

July 13
London Times: Archbishop of Canterbury ‘Regrets’ TEC Move To Gay Ordination.
The Living Church: Motion in English Synod To Recognize ACNA.

July 7
The American Anglican Council: The Presiding Bishop’s Opening Remarks – Confessional Christianity Is A Heresy.
The Presiding Bishop: Opening Remarks to General Convention.

June 15
The American Anglican Council: Money, Sex, Indaba – Corrupting The Anglican Communion Listening Process. (This is a particularly creepy article – one of the chief resource persons on the matter of human sexuality, drawing from the Bible, asserts that pederasty “was not a negative thought for Jesus.”  I kid you not.)

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  1. Mohler devoted his radio show to the Episcopal struggle yesterday. Didn’t have time to listen but did see it on my podcast downloads for the day. Probably a good show.

  2. It is now where you can’t read “Episcopal” in the media without sex, gay, lesbian being in the headline. I agree with you, if SC does not move it will be a casualty of the train wreck.

  3. Steve, prayers for +Lawrence, all clergy, deans, vestry, parishioners, to soon come to one mind, the right mind, in the true unity of the true Holy Spirit, so He may come down with fire and great power and shake DioSC, TEO, Lambeth, and the entire Anglican Communion with a mighty earthquake of revival!

  4. (cross-posted from Stand Firm in Faith)

    We might do well to refer to Kendall harmon’s posts on his T19 from July 28 requesting prayers for a Diocese of South Carolina Leadership Meeting that went from 10:30 AM to 10 PM! Here is the pasted text of the 1st post:

    “Today, the Bishop, the Standing Committee, and the Deans are having a meeting of real importance. This is a matter of public record and I take the call to pray for such meetings very seriously.

    Here is a list of current Standing Committee members (Jeff Miller is the chairman). The current deans are John Barr, John Scott, Ed Kelaher, Peet Dickinson, Craige Borrett, Chuck Owens and John Burwell. I am quite sure Jim Lewis, our new Canon to the Ordinary, will be there and, yes, I have been asked to be present.

    You all know we are not gathering to have tea and crumpets. There is no way we as a diocese can function in the way we have before. How to move forward—together—in a truthful, loving and godly way is the issue. This is a considerable challenge, but we worship the God who is able to do far more abundantly than anything we can ask or imagine (Ephesians) and God has brought us together now for such a time as this (Esther).

    It would mean a lot to me if you could pray by name for the people in this meeting—KSH.”

    Kendall’s 2nd, very short post on the meeting:

    “The meeting started at 10:30. We are still meeting. The atmosphere is focused, intense, deeply trusting of one another and the bishop, and with a sense that the stakes are very very high.”

    We should also remember +Lawrence’s post GC letter, especially the final paragraph:

    “There is an increasingly aggressive displacement within this Church of the gospel of Jesus Christ’s transforming power by the “new” gospel of indiscriminate inclusivity which seeks to subsume all in its wake. It is marked by an increased evangelistic zeal and mission that hints at imperialistic plans to spread throughout the Communion. This calls for a bold response. It is of the utmost importance that we find more than just a place to stand. Indeed, it is imperative that we find a place to thrive; a place that is faithful, relational and structural—and so we shall!”

    and a comment from the 2nd T19 post:

    “10. SC blu cat lady wrote:

    Just a reminder that the clergy of the diocese (SC) will most likely discuss this same issue at the next scheduled clergy day, August 13th. So…… for those inclined to prayer, please put that date on your schedule for intercessory prayer.

    The Bishop can not make the decision by himself, nor can the standing committee nor the deans nor the clergy. Perhaps further discussion at a diocesan convention?? This is not easy nor will it happen quickly.
    July 29, 11:34 am | [comment link]”

    August 13 is not here yet, and just as +Duncan, +Schofield, +Iker and +Ackerman(?) did not and could not take their dioceses out of TEC by issuing an edict, nor can +Lawrence, and it is not easy nor can it happen quickly, at least not without great damage to many relationships among the SC faithful and a splintered diocese in its wake. Prayers arising!

  5. Steve – absolutely!

    I cannot explain to strongly how much that would mean to Anglicans worldwide – not just in SC and not just in the USA.

    Bishop Lawrence said that he would work as hard to stay in TEC as TEC worked to keep him there. Well TEC could not have done more had it simply deposed Lawrence at GC2009!

    It is time to go – as quickly and as in good order as is possible.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!

  6. Well, I must say the timing caught me by surprise 🙂 Nevertheless, as you know I’m in total agreement. I’m writing to inform you of a reporting error. In the “creepy” sermon for Aug 4th, you left out that the esteemed candidate actually believes that YHWH himself is a homosexual male who can be enticed by David’s erotic dancing in front of the ark. Go read the whole thing. I found myself during the reading of it wondering just when God’s active wrath was going to kick in.

  7. Hello Fr. Steve,

    I and mine are so proud of you.. Hung on your every typed word from GC-09, and so glad for the link here.

    I have to admit, I and mine are on the opposite side of your liturgical style, however, no one can doubt your committment to the Gospel, AND the Great Commission.

    We will pray for God to bless you and give you strength to carry the ball down the field.

    Grandmother in SC

  8. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    Oh, and the door stays.

  9. Dear Steve+,

    I don’t believe TEC has declared war on conservatives. It is simply that conservatives have become a minority that is unable to convince the majority of Bishops or Deputies of the truth of the conservative position on human sexuality. TEC is full of “liberals” because Christians who value inclusivity (as we understand it) have few places to go in American Christendom. From Roman Catholicism to Evangelical Protestantism there are myriad denominations where conservative Christians can find happy homes. TEC is where the liberals flee from those churches. My parish in the Diocese of New York is mostly ex-Evangelicals and Ex-Roman Catholics who value everything about TEC that makes you want to join ACNA.

    Steve+, I assume your parish is full of folks whose theology matches yours. I imagine you have a place in TEC in the Diocese of SC where your ministry is highly valued and the people in your care find Christ through your presbyterate. TEC isn’t compelling you to bless same-sex unions or compelling you to accept a theology or biblical hermeneutic you find abhorrent.

    Since TEC isn’t compelling you to accept anything your conscience rejects, just as TEC doesn’t force anyone to embrace your theology, this isn’t a time equivalent to the Protestant Reformation. The Catholic church drove the Reformers out because it wanted them to violate their consciences through a renunciation of their theology and spirituality. Where is TEC asking you to do that? This isn’t a “Here I stand” moment, TEC is happy for you to stand where you are. Every Resolution from GC2009 involving human sexuality affirms your freedom of conscience.

    If you have both freedom of conscience and freedom to exercise your ministry as you understand it, what compelling argument can be made for you to forswear your ordination vows and encourage your Bishop to do the same?

    In Christ,

  10. Steve+,
    It sounds like you have reached a point where it is impossible for you to honor your ordination vows w/ TEC. Do the honorable thing then and resign your orders w/ TEC. Go in peace and leave us in peace. Then, seek holy orders where you are called to serve the lord. Blessings and peace be with you.

  11. priest in california August 7, 2009 at 12:55 am

    Fr. Steve,

    I am sorry that it comes to this– being Anglican and the son of an alcoholic — I usually think there is some way to work things out and hold everybody together. But, I laud your diocese and all the ACNA folks for standing up for the faith (moral theology being only one part under attack in TEC).

    Stuart and Ron above are frankly full of it. The freedom of conscience Stuart says you have is lacking in my diocese and I am sure in many others. The freedom of following one’s conscience as a non-stipendiary clergy is what it comes down to when the progressives take over. Ron is a bit more polite, but is mouthing the party line that TEC is “the” Church — it ain’t. According to that line of reasoning there is no line that General Convention can cross that will ever make it heretical or apostate, it is self-authenticating by majority vote.

    As to Ron’s remarks, your ordination vows are to uphold the faith and when the bishops abandon the faith the part about upholding the canons of TEC are but a minor point. (Note the widely accepted flouting of the canons on offering communion to the unbaptized. Now that is a violation of the ordination vows)

    Spiney about sums up the prevailing attitude in this diocese and sure to come to yours, too, if the current trajectory of TEC holds true. If you get out while the getting’s good I sure don’t blame you– some of us may get starved out.

    One more thing. Schori doesn’t deserve your church building, she’s got plenty of empty pew space in the buildings she’ll have left.

    God bless you, your church, and South Carolina.

    I’ll stay anonymous since it’s already hard enough to get a job.

  12. tired of fundamentalists August 7, 2009 at 8:45 am

    Comment removed. Posts without valid email addresses are routinely removed from this blog.

  13. Heather Lynn Griffin August 7, 2009 at 9:54 am

    Steve- we support you and are proud that you are our priest.

  14. Steve,
    I understand that you are uncomfortable in the Episcopal Church and hope you can find another church organization that is closer to your views…and there are certainly many to choose from. ACNA certainly is one…and from my own experience you might also feel very comfortable in the Assemblies of God. Isn’t it time we all moved on and devoted our energy to spreading the Good News rather than flogging a dead horse? Whatever path you take, may the Lord be with you.

  15. I totally agree.

    It would (or “will”) be a complete failure of leadership.

    Yours truly,
    Hot Rod Anglican

  16. Rob, Rob, Rob. There is no such thing as the wrath of God. That was one more gem from General Convention that was discerned by the esteemed House of Deputies.

  17. I think Mohler has it pegged. Division over the question of where moral authority resides — a twofold moral reality — is unlikely to be patched over by a “two-fold ecclesial reality”.

  18. That door is going to feel good. Room behind it seems to be emptying out pretty quick.

  19. Gravatar, Steve’s ordination vows were about upholding the truth of the Gospel of Christ. If the denomination in which he sits works against that calling directly, then he as an obligation to the Lord God to find a why to proclaim that Good News most fully and effectively. Leaving TEC does give one more freedom to do just that.

  20. that should be “find a way”

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