The End of An Experiment

September 18, 2009

Do you ever wonder how observant people are?  I do.  And so, I did a little experiment.  I wore the exact same pair of stone-colored dress chinos (thanks to Jos. A Bank – for anyone interested, gift cards are always welcomed by the author) for 21 consecutive days.  Without being washed.  Just to see who’d notice.  No one noticed.  Now, that probably says many things, not only about the observatory skills of the general populace, but of the relative insignificance, ref. Psalm 8, of each one of us.  Anyway, 22 days later, I surrendered to the need for a pair of clean pants.  So today, freshly showered and laundered I rise to meet the day.

10 responses to The End of An Experiment

  1. none of us wanted to tell you that you smelled bad!!

  2. I think no one had the guts to tell you! If I had seen you every day, I would have. 😉

  3. …plus – I mean come on! Stone colored pants?!?? Men buy 5 pair of the same pants as their entire wardrobe… do the experiment again with a shirt and I’ll notice it on the 2nd day!

  4. It says what I have observed elsewhere througout our population and throughout our ministry – many people do not observe, do not get by a three second self focused mentality. Usually I should be a bit more conservative in these generalities … but people aren’t paying attention anyhow. And more, if they do, they do not take action and are on to something else. I call this pop corn and ping pong balls mindset. They need to become consistent or lose and lose they do. May God cause us to wake up, change and get real. Click, click, blind self gratification is working. Wish it were different. Pray so. Blessings to those who do see and do … which is what Jesus meant when He said I “SEE” what the Father does and “I DO IT”.
    See and do. You touched a button. Blessings

  5. Silly man in pants
    Poor wife living with such stinch
    Hope you washed them twice

  6. I suspect that the secret reality is that you have at least 21 pairs of stone colored JAB chinos in your closet – fastidious fellow that you are. Sort of like Monk’s closet full of brown sport coats.

    With the good news from the SC Supreme Court, we should all go out & buy you either a 2nd or 22nd pair!

  7. Sponge Bob Square Pants – Pastor Steve Stink Pants?

  8. I’m with Liz. Dare you to try it with the same shirt!

  9. I bet your pants walked themselves over to the washer when you finally decided to wash them…

  10. Honestly, other than the spilled coffee mark on my left pant leg and dirty cuffs I didn’t think they were all that dirty.