Around The Horn – 2.18.10

February 18, 2010

Xtra Normal
Create movies in real time on your computer.

How Good Do You Have It?
Hawaii’s residents had the highest well-being in the nation in 2009, pulling ahead of 2008 leader Utah, and coming in with a new high state Well-Being Index score of 70.2. Utah and Montana are also among the top well-being states in the country, sharing the same score of 68.3.

Lessons From An Inconsolable Soul
John Piper: “Learning from the mind and heart of C.S. Lewis.”

Where It’s Hardest to Believe
Charting the world’s worst persecutors.

The Dangers of Video Preaching
Video preaching is popular and effective, but is there a better alternative?  Here are a few thoughts from Rob Bell.

Losing Her Religion?
Terry Mattingly from “I realize that the following commentary veers close to being a cheap shot.”

What are They Really Asking?
Most individual’s questions, whether intellectual or emotional, indicate underlying issues. Choosing to believe in Christ carries major internal ramifications. Snappy, pat answers don’t satisfy these inner struggles. Nobody wants a two-cent answer to a million-dollar question.  Behind every question is a person asking that question, and we need to minister to that person—if we can find him.

International Response to Haitian Earthquake
I found this graphic a very helpful representation of the international community’s financial response the Haitian crisis.

Did “Family Guy’s” Palin Joke go too Far?
From Salon:  I’ve got to hand it to them — when the Palin women are right, they’re right. The “Family Guy” episode wasn’t just a bomb because of the low blow at Palin, but for the overall insensitivity – and, just as egregiously, the witlessness — of the whole plotline. There’s no topic in the world off-limits – even in comedy. Nay, especially in comedy.

2 responses to Around The Horn – 2.18.10

  1. Why ask Rob Bell about video minisry? I guess a hip heretic is better than a regular heretic.

  2. Danny, multiple ironies in the Rob Bell article. Besides your notation I find it a bit amusing that Mr. Nooma would be flying the flag of warning regarding video preaching. I’ve been to churches where the pastor used a nooma video in place of a sermon. Fascinating.