Around The Horn – 8.19.19

August 19, 2010

After a summer holiday “Around the Horn” returns this week.  If you are a regular follower of this blog you will know that Around the Horn is a reader’s digest of sorts – my digest of the best articles I’ve read (and sometimes, like today, a video is thrown in) in the past week.

Mischief in Manhattan
This article appeared in the Ottowa Citizen.  It is written by two Canadian Muslims addressing the current plans to build a mosque at Ground Zero: When we try to understand the reasoning behind building a mosque at the epicentre of the worst-ever attack on the U.S., we wonder why its proponents don’t build a monument to those who died in the attack?

McKnight Interviews McLaren
Interesting interview.  What is sad is the increasing evidence of McLaren’s arrogance and condescension (“I understand what it’s like to work with that old narrative…”) towards those who hold a less enlightened  theological positions.

Whitfield Envy
Whitefield spoke four times in Edwards’ church and stayed in his home. Months later, Edwards wrote a friend: “I have reason to think that a considerable number of young people, some of them children, have already been savingly brought home to Christ. I hope salvation has come to this house since you [were] in it, with respect to one, if not more, of my children.”

“And Then, They’re All Mine” – The Real Agenda of Some College Professors
Great article from Al Mohler: The power of a professor in a classroom is immense, and most teachers are deeply committed to their disciplines and their calling. The classroom and the campus are where so many lives are shaped and where minds come alive. What could possibly go wrong? A great deal, as it turns out.

Q & A: Anne Rice on Following Christ Without Christianity
A Christianity Today interview with Anne Rice.  Interesting.  Wonder what you’ll think?

The Future of The Evangelical Reformed Movement
About five years ago, something strange happened in the Christian world: Reformed theology made a comeback. Once perceived as the bright but slightly eccentric and often ignored kid in the corner of the classroom, Calvinism became the new cool kid on the block. To be fair, a significant number of American evangelicals have always believed the doctrines of grace—that God graciously regenerates sinners who would not otherwise choose to follow him. But for much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, those evangelicals tended to congregate in relatively small Presbyterian denominations.

Last week, Rick Warren tweeted something that got people all fired up. I didn’t see the original tweet at first but based on the reaction, I thought he had said, “I stole the idea for ‘Purpose Driven Life’ from an episode of Saved by the Bell where Zack realizes his band Zack Attack is not his purpose”

2 responses to Around The Horn – 8.19.19

  1. The Whitfield story was deeply moving. Were I to be more like Edwards this world would be a better place. Thanks.

  2. “Where some Christians fret over the loss of Christian consensus in America and the growing ranks of the religiously unaffiliated, we see great opportunity. The demise of nominal Christianity opens new possibilities for genuine discipleship. If people nowadays are going to follow Christ, they want the strong stuff. They want robust theology, a big Christ, a deep gospel, and they aren’t afraid of serious demands.”

    Sounds like you and it sounds like St. Andrews. And that’s why we’ve made it our church home. Thanks Steve!