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September 2, 2010

Insolence Upbraided
While looking up something totally unrelated, I came across an intriguing bit of correspondence published in Jill Morgan’s biography of her father-in-law, A Man of the Word: Life of G. Campbell Morgan. It’s a fine example of how to respond to supercilious criticism.

Living Without Physical Intimacy
From the blog, Radical Womanhood: I believe that one day, I will look at my life and say with confidence that the single greatest blessing I have experienced of singleness has been pain of learning to live without physical intimacy.

What’s Next for Francis Chan
Mark Driscoll and Joshua Harris sat down with Francis Chan and asked why he resigned as senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California, and what he plans to do next. Brushing aside the planned discussion topic, Driscoll took charge of the conversation and says to Chan, “Everybody thinks you’re cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. You’ve got a good church going on and you hit the eject button and now you’re an international man of Fu Manchu mystery. What is going on? What are you thinking? And what’s going to happen to your church?” See how Chan responds . . .

Don’t Forget the Toilet Paper: A Memoir
Nerves got the better of me, so I squirmed down the hall to check out my new bathroom.  The stalls featured graffiti of years past, images and words faint from attempts to scrub the art away.  I scanned the walls for potentially useful advice or mind altering wisdom.  As I read the stall walls, I realized something was missing.  There was no toilet paper in the dormitory stalls!  Not even dispensers.  College student fail, and I hadn’t even made it to the lobby yet.  I was doomed.

“Check-in Apps”: The Future or an Invasion of Privacy?
These apps enable any business (or any person) to know just where you are at any time. While your location is only available to your friends, anyone with Internet access can potentially figure out your username and see the places of which you are mayor. So they can easily know those places where you visit the most, and can potentially figure out the times when you visit those places. For example, a bar is most likely visited in the evenings, or a coffee shop in the morning. Any stalker with a little bit of web-savvy can easily figure out where a person is at any given time of day.

Deep-Fried Beer
No Kidding.  Bottoms up!

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  1. Thank you for sharing my article. You have a nice looking site here. I’m about to find out what Francis Chan said. Keep up the good work.

  2. The author of the G. Campbell Morgan article gets extra points for using “insolence”, “upbraided”, and “supercilious” in one paragraph. He’s like a blogging Victorian.