Chemical Kate Strikes Again

March 17, 2010

Chemical Kate, minister of disinformation and practitioner of ecclesiastical genocide, continues her wanton ways.

The Anglican Curmudgeon notes today the sale of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Binghampton, NY to a Muslim group – turning the church into a mosque?  Here’s the Curmudgeon’s report:

In court the Diocese’s complaint alleged that the parish was no longer using the property for the purposes for which its Episcopal ancestors had acquired and built it, and had spent money to maintain it over the years. But as we see, this was the hypocrisy of the dog in the manger. The Diocese could not put the property to any such use; it lacked sufficient parishioners to support the property. So under the twisted and hypocritical logic of the Dennis Canon, the Diocese is seen as upholding the purposes of the original donors better by letting the property become — what, a mosque? — rather than allowing it to be used by those who were more faithful to that tradition than was Bishop Adams. (The hypocrisy in central and western New York does not seem to be confined just to Episcopalians.)

This is one of the principal reasons I cannot subscribe to the leftwing lurches of the Episcopal Church (USA). Those on the left are incapable of perceiving the hypocrisy between what they profess and what they do. They move in with their agenda, and inevitably make things much worse for the Church than they were before. And as the Church slowly fails in its great mission, dragged down by the enormous expense of unmitigated lawsuits, and led by people who would rather see Muslims than Anglicans make use of their property, they refuse to accept any responsibility whatsoever for the decline.

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7 responses to Chemical Kate Strikes Again

  1. Priceless!

  2. In her own words:

    “As a Church, we cannot abrogate our interest in such property, as it is a fiduciary and moral duty to preserve such property for generations to come and the ministries to be served both now and in the future. “

  3. BTY,, even bigger news out in CA. KJS notified the Diocese of Los Angeles of the required consents (+’s and SC’s) for Mary Glasspool… Consecration set for May.

  4. Incredible. Indefensible.

  5. I know our Lord and Savior is crying over the divisions seen in the Church body. But I cannot but see His redemptive work present in the Church of the Good Shepherd, which ministers to more souls now than when it occupied the (now) mosque. God is truly good.

  6. I just watched an interesting documnetary on Istanbul(Constantinople) on SC Public TV last night. The show reflected the history of Hagia Sophia (church structure) and it’s reflection on Istanbul’s history regarding the Christian foundations and movement to a muslim dominated city. What an amazing reflection on the rise and fall of christian community.

    The Body of Christ lives on in Power, growing in strength and in faith because we do not cling to the material, we cling to the Holy Spirit and Christ’s everlasting message of evangelical Love and redemption. 1 John 2:15-17

    The scripture that popped into my head in prayer about this was: John 21: 15-25

    Was there ever a time when the Spirit of God was moving that we didn’t have to walk away and leave the comfort of the material to follow the power of the Spirit of Truth to regain and feed His sheep?

    I guess there is no more powerful demonstration of God’s power than a flock of his people leaving material behind to show their belief in a greater power who will supply all their needs as they carry the true message. John 3:16

    And his son gave us good and right instruction: Matt 6: 19-34

    What I would like to understand (I can’t stop my human brain from wanting to know why) is what historically happened in Istanbul, and where should my awareness of Gods power and majesty grow from here?

    In learning more about the history it seems the sons couldn’t govern together peacefully and their “war raged rivalry” caused a split. The western empire lost its power through decline in political, economic and social situations. Oh boy does that sound like a familiar tune.

    Thank God we have a everlasting life surpassing the decline of human built structures of politics, social and economic ideas. I just wish (and pray) to be better at upholding the truth.

    Did you seriously just resort to calling names? I’m both shocked and relieved that I’m not the only one.