Al Mohler’s Latest on Joel Osteen

October 7, 2011

I happened to catch a bit of Joel & Victoria Osteen’s appearance on Piers Morgan the other night, but didn’t hang around long enough to listen to much of the exchange (playoffs, you know).

So, I was interested when I read Mohler’s take.  Here’s a snip:

To his credit, Joel Osteen tried to stand his ground. To his discredit, he didn’t stand very well, and he seemed to lack all of the vital faculties for holding theological traction. We can only hope that other pastors — and other Christians — will do better. Sadly, without developing deeper biblical commitments and without drawing from the full wealth of Christian conviction, that is not going to happen.

Read it all.

One response to Al Mohler’s Latest on Joel Osteen

  1. one more reason to emphasize apolgetics!