Around the Horn – 10.06.11

October 6, 2011

How to Manipulate People to Make (Fake) Professions of Faith
A fascinating look at an old book and what it suggested for leading people to Christ.

Why Jesus Isn’t Man Enough for Your Men’s Retreat
Christian men were once trapped in a weird sort of androgynous spirituality. Masculinity and church were incompatible concepts. To quote a friend, “The most masculine preacher around was Joyce Meyer.” The books on manhood seemed more intent on making men better at being women than men. Seriously, the most popular book on manhood of all time was written by one of the most effeminate Christian authors of all time. It was a strange season indeed. I’m glad it’s over.

A New Third Way?  Reformist Evangelicals and the Evangelical Future
From Al Mohler: Who is and is not an evangelical? With whom should evangelicals cooperate in gospel efforts, and with whom not? Which theological expressions are truly evangelical, and which are beyond the pale?

Pat Robertson Responds
From Russell Moore: Pat Robertson says his comments about divorce and Alzheimer’s disease were “misinterpreted.” The problem is, his clarification doesn’t clarify.

A Purpose in Pain
A wonderful interview with Joni Eareckson Tada: Basically, I wake up almost every morning in desperate need of Jesus — from those early days when I first got out of the hospital, to over four decades in a wheelchair, it’s still the same. The morning dawns and I realize: “Lord, I don’t have the strength to go on. I have no resources. I can’t ‘do’ another day of quadriplegia, but I can do all things through You who strengthen me. So please give me Your smile for the day; I need You urgently.”


One response to Around the Horn – 10.06.11

  1. Last year I read Joni’s newest book, “A Place of Healing.” I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is simply AMAZING. I consider it must reading in terms of helping us understand how to draw near to God in the midst of pain, trials & suffering.

    What an incredible gift God has given us in Joni and her writings. May He be her strength and song today, and ours as well.