Around the Horn – 09.22.11

September 22, 2011

Who is the Most Dangerous Guy at Your Church?
Sure, we all can spot the unbeliever who doesn’t fluently speak the language of Zion, we can identify the person from doctrinally anemic backgrounds because they keep cutting themselves with the sharp knives in the theology drawer, and of course any Calvinist can sniff out an Arminian within 20 seconds. But I submit that these types of people are not the most dangerous people that attend your church. At least, they are not in my experience.

How Do You Spend Your Day?
Interesting graphic from the NYT.

Six Reasons to Be a Faithful Member of a Local Church
It is our conviction that every Christian should be an active member of a Bible-teaching local church. As believers in Christ, we are members of His body and must discipline ourselves to be actively involved in ministry as a way of life. Here are some specific reasons why you should be a committed member of a solid, Bible-teaching local church.

Famous Quotes that Were Never Said
From LIFE.

Just Promise Not to Tell Anyone
An interesting graphic

How Do We Overcome Sexual Sin?
Interesting article from Bob Kellerman showing Jesus’ dealing with sexual sin as a worship disorder not an addiction.

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  1. Steve, this blog was an answer to prayer. A friend of mine is visiting his father this weekend, but his father is opposed to going to or joining a church. My friend asked for prayers to help him find the words to encourage his dad to join a church. Wow.