The Tyranny of TEC Draws Attention of The WSJ

October 6, 2011

From the WSJ:

Bishop Jefferts Schori says this new Anglican group is encroaching on her church’s jurisdiction, and she has authorized dozens of lawsuits “to protect the assets of the Episcopal Church for the mission of the Episcopal Church.” The Episcopal Church has dedicated $22 million to legal actions against departing clergy, congregations and dioceses, according to Allan Haley, a canon lawyer who has represented a diocese in one such case.

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2 responses to The Tyranny of TEC Draws Attention of The WSJ

  1. WOW a spot light on TEC from one of their own ‘sacred’ original sources. It will be interesting to see if the prestige of the WSJ might do more than simply mortify +KJS; can only imagine that being associated in an article with that kind of title would create some agitation. If nothing else we can hope that folks in the DSC who have brought charges against Bp. Lawrence could see that there is actually another side of the story in TEC and not just originating from the people that they deem intellectually and ecclesiastically inferior.

  2. just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier!