5 Myths About Reformed Theology

July 31, 2012

Michael Horton has a nice article over at The Resurgence addressing common myths about Reformed theology.  It was a nice summary of his book, For Calvinism, which I am just finishing and recommend wholeheartedly.  The readers of this blog will know that I believe the truest and best expression of Anglicanism, which comes to us from our Reformers, is a Reformed Anglicanism.

Horton opens his article noting the irony that can attend Reformed theology.  He writes:

Calvinists can be pains in the neck. I should know—I’ve been one myself on occasion. Yet, it is a terrific irony that a theology that so exalts God and lays human beings low before his majesty and grace should be championed sometimes with a spirit that contradicts it.

He continues by laying out five common misperceptions about Reformed theology:

      • Reformed theology is arrogant and prideful.
      • Reformed theology makes us robots in God’s plan.
      • Reformed theology has no grace and love.
      • Reformed theology kills genuine, heart-felt piety.
      • Reformed theology kills community and mission.


So, how does Horton answer these critiques?  Read the article.  Or, better yet, buy the book.

2 responses to 5 Myths About Reformed Theology

  1. Donald Philip Veitch July 31, 2012 at 6:30 am

    What a refreshing post!

    After living for far too long with theological liberals in the mainline and after watching for far too long the Baptacostalist Enthusiasts and related Tub-thumpers with manifold ignorances and after watching the conservative Anglicans twist, turn and dodge the big issues, this is a breath of fresh air.

    Pinching myself. There really is, in fact, a Reformed and Reformational Anglican.

    But of course, it’s all the Elizabethan Bishops revived.

    Thanks, but still in some shock and, even, denial. There are other Reformed Anglicans? It can’t be!

  2. Sounds interesting. Buying it!