Anglican Congregations Move Forward After Losing Buildings

January 30, 2012

This very nice article appeared this past Saturday in the Akron Beacon Journal.

Once upon a time, I was Rector of St. Anne in the Fields, Madison, OH and Chief of Staff at St. Luke’s, Bath, OH.  I was blessed, and am thankful, to have served both parishes.

I was pleased to read of how the parishes have moved forward.  I’d heard a bit last week as I was in Atlanta (for an AAC Board meeting) with +Roger Ames (my old Rector and boss).  I was saddened to read of the ongoing vindictive nature of TEC; the buildings sit empty as the parishes were not permitted to purchase the buildings from the Diocese (per the Presiding Bishop’s directives).  Folks like Carla are representative of the hundreds of folks in the various communities who were well served by these parishes – now displaced by the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio.

Carla Long is overcome with sadness every time she sees the unoccupied church building in her East Buchtel Avenue neighborhood.

“It’s heartbreaking. That church has been a beacon of light in this neighborhood,” said Long, 46. “We always called it a hospital because it was a place where you could go for comfort and healing.”

Long is a recovering addict who found support at Holy Spirit Church when it was located at 825 E. Buchtel Ave. The congregation moved out of the building in July, after losing it in a court battle.

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  1. Ah yes, the PB continues to do practice her own brand of Christianity. Please remind me… when will we be rid of this millstone?