Around the Horn: 11.15.12

November 15, 2012

Around-the-Horn[1]Sex is Cheap in Birmingham
Sexual liberation wasn’t supposed to end with $5 hookers. By freeing love from the shackles of marriage, we were going to enjoy sex as a pleasurable physical act and nothing more. Our movies and TV shows envisioned a brave new world without repressive mores and the prudes who sought to enforce them through shame. Leading publications have celebrated the new normal, where women now rule the hookup culture.

When Bible Belt Atheists Go to Church
A church service for atheists?  Really!?  Here in my home own state of Oklahoma, that’s the basis for a religion story in today’s Tulsa World. The headline grabs readers’ attention this way:

NYTimes New President is Practicing Catholic Who Believes in ‘Objective Truths’
Tomorrow, Mark Thompson takes over as the new President and CEO of The New York Times. Thompson is a practicing Catholic who believes “that the truths of the Christian faith are objective truths, rather than being entirely subjective.”

John Owen on the 2012 U.S. Election
With a nod to Rob Sturdy (who did not author this piece, by the way) here’s a bit from Owen: There is so much that I’d like to say about Tuesdsay’s election and the commentary that has surrounded it. But every time I begin to write, my mind jumps to a particular quote from John Owen. Granted, my title is a little misleading; not only is John Owen occupied with infinitely better things than to have known anything about this election, his comments below are relevant for any scenario the Christian faces, and not just the one we find ourselves in today. Perhaps that’s why my mind jumps there so readily.

The Secret to Spurgeon’s Evangelistic Ministry
From Ligionier: Charles Spurgeon believed that if he was to be used effectively in evangelism, he must have a comprehensive knowledge of the Scriptures. Consequently, his sermon preparation was marked by thorough study of the biblical text. He declared to his students: “Be masters of your Bibles, brethren. Whatever other works you have not searched, be at home with the writings of the prophets and apostles. ‘Let the Word of God dwell in you richly.’” As Spurgeon saw it, a minister’s depth in the Word would ultimately determine the breadth of his ministry.

The Election Disaster? Social Conservatives and Hope
Written by a friend of mine, Matthew Anderson, over at Mere Othodoxy: In the suggestion that this election was a “disaster” for social conservatives lay the seeds of fear and the beginnings of a less-than-cheerful oppositionalism to the President’s policies for the next four years.  But we as Christians are called to a politics of hope and that must frame our public discourse.  Not the sort of sentimentalized bastardization of hope that attaches it to the rise and fall of political, social, or moral orders.  But the hope that endures well beyond them, that cheerfully faces a world that is hardly to our liking and entrusts our children to the providential care of the loving and triumphal God.

Live Free or Die?
Q & A with Os Guinness on his new book.

The New Archbishop of Canterbury
Justin Welby was once rejected for ordination. Now, as the next Archbishop of Canterbury, all hopes are pinned on him to unite the divided Anglican community