Around the Horn: 11.8.12

November 8, 2012

Around-the-Horn[1]FactChecker: Is the “I Only Need Jesus!” Declaration Christian?
We hear this often in good Christian circles. The credo is adopted by many Christians in an effort to declare and live by a more stripped-down faith. They want their Christianity unleaded, organic, unplugged, non-fat, free-range, locally sourced and sustainable. The real-deal without the fluff.  Except it’s not.  Believing that all we need is Jesus is simply an incomplete theology and fails to understand Christianity and what it is that God teaches us about our life in him.  Let’s examine this in four key parts.

Thinking About Aslan and Jesus with C.S. Lewis
Professor, apologist, novelist, literary critic, fantasy writer, philosopher, theologian, and ethicist, C. S. Lewis has profoundly influenced how millions read literature, make moral choices, think about God, and live out the Christian faith. By means of a genial blend of reason and imagination, logic and fantasy, profound academic insight and good old common sense, Lewis has challenged the modern world to examine the claims of Christ, the Bible, and the church; experience the goodness, truth, and beauty of literature; and expand its vision of God, man, and the universe.

Smilingly Leading You to Hell
A provocative article from Tim Challies: Humans seem to be naturally drawn to niceness. Niceness is comfortable. To be nice is to be pleasant in manner, to be agreeable, to adhere to social conventions. We like to be around people who are nice at least in large part because we are comforted by their pleasant words or deeds and by their adherence to whatever social custom dictates. It is an attractive quality, but it can also be a deceptive one. It is, after all, an external trait, and one that has no necessary correlation with what is going on at an internal, spiritual level. Christians can be nice, but so too can unbelievers. The Holy Spirit may help us be nice, but niceness is not necessarily proof that we are living in the Spirit and by the Spirit. Some of the most evil people are also the nicest people.

Christians, Let’s Honor the President
The American people have decided that Barack Obama should have a second term. And, behind them, in the mystery of providence, God has decided that Barack Obama would be re-elected. So how should Christians respond to our once and future President?  We are going to disagree with the President on some (important) things; there will be other areas where we can work with the President. But whether in agreement or disagreement, we can honor.

What the Election Taught Us
Albert Mohler offers insightful commentary: Several lessons emerge in the immediate aftermath of the election and Christians should consider them carefully…

Cardinal Dolan Writes President Obama
In particular, we pray that you will exercise your office to pursue the common good, especially in care of the most vulnerable among us, including the unborn, the poor, and the immigrant.We will continue to stand in defense of life, marriage, and our first, most cherished liberty, religious freedom.We pray, too, that you will help restore a sense of civility to the public order, so our public conversations may be imbued with respect and charity toward everyone.