Around the Horn: 12.06.12

December 6, 2012

Genius – The Movie
A new free, online, 30 minute move on the life and death of John Lennon form Ray Comfort

Rick Warren’s Resurrection
From Newsweek:  He was once the hottest evangelical pastor in America.  Now, 10 years after the book that made him a star, the pastor wants the spotlight again.  This time, it may not be so easy.

How Did This Happen?  The Family Crisis as a Theological Crisis
From Albert Mohler: Writing a generation ago, sociologist Christopher Lasch pointed to the weakening of the family as the most significant and dangerous development of our times. In his book, Haven in a Heartless World, Lasch described the breakdown of the natural family as a calamity for the society at large, as well as for the individuals whose lives are so directly affected.

More Examples of Intolerant Tolerance
From D.A. Carson: Since The Intolerance of Tolerance was published, readers have been sending me new examples they have spotted-examples of egregious intolerance masquerading in the name of tolerance. Sometimes these examples have been accompanied with a plea to incorporate them in any revised edition that might be called for. Of course, I too have spotted a handful of examples myself. In this editorial I’d like to comment briefly on three of them, probing a little to uncover what we should learn from them. Although the book drew on examples in both Europe and America, the follow three have surfaced in the United States.

Misperceptions About Justification and Sanctification
From Reformation21: I have benefited from reading the comments on the wide variety of blogs that have picked up the discussion between Tullian Tchividjian and me on the subject of total depravity, the Christian, and the doctrine of sanctification.  In some respects, these conversations are most valuable in terms of the interplay that takes place in the comments.  I have been helped by reading what people are thinking and want to thank those who have commented, whether positively or negatively about me.  I have found, however, a number of misconceptions that it may help to have cleared up, and which I offer for the edification of readers.  Although I do not have the gift of brevity, I will try my best in the following list . . .

Canterbury Concedes that Anglican Communion Has Become Corrupt
The Archbishop of Canterbury has conceded defeat in the battle over the Anglican Covenant. In a 2 Dec 2012 Advent letter to the primates, Dr. Rowan Williams said the Anglican Communion had become “corrupted” and could no longer be considered a communion of churches but a “community of communities.”

Pope Benedict Makes Forbes “Most Powerful List”

Sex Without Qualifications: Christianity and the Meaning of Sex
From Mere Orthodoxy: It’s this “meaningful sex” that she suggests is the way forward, rather than “back to 1950s-style courtship, parietal rules, and early marriage.”  Sex that’s ”founded on friendship, dating, and relationships,” that is.  That’s where we’re headed rather than those backwards notions about “abstinence.”