Around the Horn: 12.13.12

December 13, 2012

Around-the-Horn[1]Newsweek vs the New Testament – It Must Be Christmas
From Albert Mohler: In the waning days of Newsweek as a print magazine, the editors decided to take on the New Testament. Readers should note carefully that it isNewsweek, and not the New Testament, that is going out of print.

Yahoo! Asks Robert Griffin III A Rather Obvious Question
The big news here in Washington, D.C., (other than the mysteries of the U.S. Supreme Court) is that (a) the knee of quarterback Robert Griffin III is strained, not broken, and (b) that The Washington Post team survived another weekend covering a superstar who keeps talking about the fact that he apparently believes in a God who hears prayers and plays some meaningful role in the lives of real people.

Tullian Keeps Digging
David Murray notes, helpfully, clearly and charitably, his growing concern with the recent writings of Tullian Tchividjian.

10 Misconceptions About the NT Canon
For the last 3-4 months I have been working through a blog series entitled “10 Misconceptions About the New Testament Canon.”  This series exams some common beliefs out there in the academic (and lay-level) communities that prove to be problematic upon closer examination.

How Older Parenthood Will Upend American Society
From The New Republic: Over the past half century, parenthood has undergone a change so simple yet so profound we are only beginning to grasp the enormity of its implications. It is that we have our children much later than we used to. This has come to seem perfectly unremarkable; indeed, we take note of it only when celebrities push it to extremes—when Tony Randall has his first child at 77; Larry King, his fifth child by his seventh wife at 66; Elizabeth Edwards, her last child at 50. This new gerontological voyeurism—I think of it as doddering-parent porn—was at its maximally gratifying in 2008, when, in almost simultaneous and near-Biblical acts of belated fertility, two 70-year-old women in India gave birth, thanks to donor eggs and disturbingly enthusiastic doctors. One woman’s husband was 72; the other’s was 77.  These, though, are the headlines. The real story is less titillating, but it tells us a great deal more about how we’ll be living in the coming years: what our families and our workforce will look like, how healthy we’ll be, and also—not to be too eugenicist about it—the future well-being of the human race.

Good Grief: 5 Ways Your Mourning Can Glorify God
A young lady in our flock came to me when her dad died suddenly. She asked me the best question I’ve been asked in my ministry to date: “How can I grieve in a way that honors God?” If only all Christians were mature enough to ask that caliber of question in the midst of an emotional maelstrom.

Where Can You Find the Best Price for Books?
From Tim Challies: What I learned last year is each of these resellers is quite competitive, but that Amazon doesn’t offer the best value overall (though it’s pretty close).

Church of England Says “No” to Gay Marriages in Church
Same-sex marriage is an non sequitur, the Church of England has told Prime Minister David Cameron, stating it will not support his plans for church gay marriages, nor will it allow them to take place in its churches.