Around the Horn :: 5.24.12

May 24, 2012

Are You Mom Enough?
A great article for mom’s addressing the mommy wars:  Time Magazine recently joined the fray with the provocative cover of a beautiful young mother visibly breastfeeding her four-year old son next to the title, “Are You Mom Enough?”  The message screamed at moms from this issue of Time, from television, Facebook, blogs, and Pinterest is: unless you are fit to run marathons, breastfeed into the preschool years, own a spotless and creatively decorated home, tend a flourishing garden, prepare three home-cooked meals per day, work a high-powered job, and give your husband expert, sensual massages before bed, you are not mom enough.

‘One Another’ Infographic
The New Testament contains at least 40 passages that contain the words “one another” and each one points to a way that Christians are to treat, or are not to treat, each other. This graphic seeks to display the whole lot of them.

Spoiler Alert!  Reading the Gospels from Back to Front
We hate spoilers, wishing to maintain our naivety and experience the surprise of discovery. But the Gospels all resist this straightforward retelling of Jesus’ ministry and place the cross/resurrection at the center of their narrative as the focal point of Jesus’ life.

First and Foremost Citizens of Heaven
Worship gatherings give us the opportunity to remember that, like our father Abraham and the patriarchs of old, this world is not our final destination (Hebrews 11:8-1013-16).We are a chosen race purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ. We are citizens of a heavenly country who owe our highest allegiance to God, whose authority is unrivaled.

Sermon on the Mount Cops
Watching video of demonstrators facing off with the police and watching police reactions have led me to the observation that police in these situations are nearly expected to behave as if they were following the Sermon on the Mount, while a demonstrators, in exercise of their right of free speech are pretty much uncriticized unless they actually attack a policeman (one cop was stabbed in the leg). They taunt, provoke, even throw urine and feces at police, while police are supposed to stand there and take it. Which is pretty much what they did.

The Problem of Evil
Flew’s conclusion was that the God of Christianity is dead; He has died the death of a thousand qualifications. And it was the problem of suffering and evil that motivated this conclusion.