Around the Horn :: 8.16.2012

August 16, 2012

Around-the-Horn[1]How to Tell When Someone is Lying
From Forbes: If a person is really innocent, they will usually deny the crime in straightforward language at the beginning of the interview.  In fact, they say the most important clues come just five seconds after a question is asked.

To Suffer Faithfully
We sometimes tend to focus on those aspects of the Christian life (spontaneity, starry-eyed-ness, passionate intensity…) in which the younger seem to have an advantage over the older, but there are a bunch of other aspects in which the very experiences that knock some of the shine off our youthful naivety are exactly the things that equip us to be better at enduring.

What I’d Like to Tell My Former Youth
Here are 10 things I would tell those hundreds of students I have known and ministered to. Some of this I told them so often they could finish my sentences. Some of this I neglected, either because of ignorance or willful blindness. Anyway, feel free to listen in even if you are not among that wonderful number.

Bruce Springsteen, Educator
From James Smith: I was 15 years old when “Born in the U.S.A.” was released, and even those of us in Canada couldn’t evade its impact and allure.  This was also the era of the emerging ubiquity of the music video, so Courtney Cox’s cameo in the “Dancing in the Dark” video is forever emblazoned on my memory.

Ayn Rand Giving Paul Ryan the Pip Among Catholics
When Mitt Romney selected the Catholic Paul Ryan to be his running mate, he probably thought it would lock in “the Catholic vote” in one neat move.  He couldn’t possibly understand that what he’s really done is revealed a few trenchant truths about Catholics in America, to whit . . .

Can Christians Vote for a Mormon?
The Republican Party’s candidate for President this year has produced a bumper crop of this question: “Can Christians vote for a Mormon?” The short answer is “yes” but I want to fill that out a bit more. First, the disclaimers . . .