Drinking Earnest Shackleton’s Whisky

March 2, 2012

I now have in my possession a modern replica of the whisky that accompanied Earnest Shackleton on his journey to the South Pole having obtained one of the six bottles sent to Charleston.  I’ve been waiting for its release for a while.  And, I’m fairly curious to sample the product.  This past summer, the NYT wrote about the fascinating discovery of the whisky under Shackleton’s Antarctic hut in 2007:

Collectors in America will shortly be able to buy, nestled in a little crate made in China to look authentically Scottish, not a rarity, exactly, but a replica of one: whisky fabricated to resemble the whisky that the explorer Ernest Shackleton took with him to the Antarctic so long ago that people had forgotten all about it. In February 2007, workers trying to restore Shackleton’s hut there accidentally came across three cases of Scotch — “Rare old Highland malt whisky, blended and bottled by Chas. Mackinlay & Co.” — frozen in the permafrost. The labels on the whisky say it was intended for what Shackleton was planning to call the Endurance expedition but ended up being known as the Nimrod expedition of 1907, which was the earlier and lesser-known of his two great journeys but the more successful. He actually got to within about 100 miles of the South Pole, farther south than anyone had gone previously.

Read the rest (it’s a good article).

Here’s a review from The Whisky Exchange.

I’ll let you know how it tastes.