It Gets Better :: Once Again the Intolerance of the Tolerant

April 30, 2012

You may not know the name Dan Savage but he’s quickly become the celeb du jour as he peddles the cause du jour: a gospel of hate (for Christians) and perversion.

The founder of the “It Gets Better” campaign, a self-espoused “anti-bullying activist,” Savage has a reputation for being a reprehensible bully who uses some of most disgusting tactics imaginable against people he hates.  His hypocrisy was on display last week.  Savage was invited to deliver the keynote address during the National High School Journalism Conference sponsored by the Journalism Education Association and the National Scholastic Press Association. Instead of giving the expected talk about bullying,  CitizenLink notes, the students got “an earful about birth control, sex, and Savage’s opinions on the Bible.”  According to reports 100+ students left during his speech and Savage begins to ridicule them (remember, they’re high school students) – here’s a video of his rant:


The Gospel Coalition has an excellent article on last week’s event.  Make sure to read it all.

First Things also has this excellent article on Dan Savage.  Again, make sure to read it all.

Question: how do Christians engage the increasing level of hate and intolerance (particularly targeting the Christian faith) manifesting itself in our culture and country?


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  1. Very proud of these high school students.

  2. Great question I look forward to reading the responses.
    My response in this case as a responsible parent I could not stand by and let a school system sanction an adult that attacks children based on their religious beliefs. I would absolutely stand up against that.

    As a Christian parent, what better opportunity to put our faith on display for our children than at that moment by praying for our enemies and persevering in our faith rather than apologizing for it.

  3. Even richer than the bully’s tirade is the sponsoring events response to it, which is completely condescending to Christians and twists the whole incident so as to place the blame on the “intolerance” of those students who walked out. Fox Radio supplied the text of the response from It Gets Better:

    “We appreciate the level of thoughtfulness and deliberation regarding Dan Savage’s keynote address,” the NSPA wrote. “Some audience members who felt hurt by his words and tone decided to leave in the middle of his speech, and to this, we want to make our point very clear: While as a journalist it’s important to be able to listen to speech that offends you, these students and advisers had simply reached their tolerance level for what they were willing to hear.”

  4. A couple of thoughts.

    1) Savage makes theological points re: slavery, virginity, etc. There needs to be a response to his man centered reading of the scriptures and why we don’t stone people anymore. I’ll venture a guess that 95% of Christians couldn’t respond to what he presented.

    2) Savage does not represent most homosexuals with his antics.

    3) I find it interesting the difference in how Christians respond to speech they don’t like vs. lefties. Lefties will shout down a speak and maybe attack physically.

  5. This could be the purest example of paganism and beyond that a pure hatered for your Creator:

    “Our bodies are our own,” he has said, “they’re ours to use, abuse, and since we’re all going to die one day, they’re ours to use up.” Savage’s message to teens and young adults is that before they end their lives.

  6. I agree with Danny in that as Christians we need to be equipped to respond to Savage’s theological arrows, and we also should never forget to downplay God’s wrath and our need for a savior and the unfathomable sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    The book of Jude is a wonderful read for these situations:
    “But you must remember, beloved, the predictions of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ. 18 They said to you, “In the last time there will be scoffers, following their own ungodly passions.” 19 It is these who cause divisions, worldly people, devoid of the Spirit. 20 But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, 21 keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life. 22 And have mercy on those who doubt; 23 save others by snatching them out of the fire; to others show mercy with fear, hating even the garment stained by the flesh.”

    Finally, where does Savage’s hatred originate? It should not surprise us:

  7. Should read, we “should never downplay God’s wrath…”!

  8. good article by Al Mohler this morning asking if the megachurch is capitulating on the issue. Sorry Steve for hijacking…I am actually busy this morning???

  9. a response to daan saavage. watch it before you tube pulls it.

  10. Wow, I’m impressed…with all the kids who walked out.

  11. Steve, I read your posts faithfully (no pun intended.) I just have to disagree with you on this one – respectfully of course – I think he’s right….Keep posting – It’s all good food for thought.

  12. Hey Colleen. Thanks for your post. I’d like to reply, though I’m not sure what you disagree with. I was confused by your comment that you agreed with him. With what he said? With the manner in which he said what he said? The forum in which he said what he said? All of the above?

  13. Somehow, Savage’s own hypocrisy escapes him…

  14. WOW! And he claims we are the hypocrites! He himself resorts to name calling ridicule and condescension and yet he supposedly opposes bullying?! Could have fooled me? HE should be locked up for hate crimes!

  15. And to think Obama and his admintstration supports this crazy nut! He is crazy just look at the things he has said and done in the past! If he had said this about the Koran and Muslims I am pretty sure we would hear from the President!

  16. Unfortunately, too many people think that Savage’s understanding of Christianity is correct. What he did is create a straw man by misrepresenting the Christian message, then knock it down. Those who walked out showed great restraint. I would have been tempted to start booing vociferously.

  17. Hi again Steve. I agreed with his point but I disagree with the manner in which he said it. Why oh why must we all be so disagreeable as a citizenry? We lose our point when we talk like this to each other…..but, I do support the greater point he was making. Love to you and yours.

  18. Hey Colleen. I can appreciate the larger point, and I’m very happy to have a conversation about homosexuality and the various points of view. My first problem was that for a self-proclaimed anti-bullying advocate he was extraordinarily aggressive with high school students. My second problem is that he’s created a straw man by badly quoting (either intentionally or unintentionally – and either way it’s shameful) and misapplying select biblical texts – for which he and other progressives consistently and righty excoriate Christians who misapply, or selectively apply, various texts on various topics. My greatest problem is that his public comments have gone un-rebutted by most progressive groups and media outlets (except, notably, the a group representing gay Republicans). Having watched some of the same groups trip over themselves to apologize to Muslims for real and imagined slights of the Koran I wonder why the same courtesies are not extended to Christianity? Pastorally, I was curious to explore the vitriol expressed towards Christianity as experience has taught me that there is often a very personal reason one reacts with such hostility. I was not surprised to discover that he states it is the Roman Catholic Church (I have no need to identify the RCC as the – or even – a cultural problem, but I have many former RC’s who’ve been deeply hurt and have washed up on our shores) who has driven him to his positions. Here’s a great radio interview in which he talks about both his loathing and his longing:

    Two great resources on the Bible and what it says (written from a contemporary cultural point of view) are two books by Amy Orr-Ewing, the director of the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics (at Oxford). Amy is a brilliant young woman (mid-30’s) and mother of young children. The first book is:

    The second book is:

    Both are very accessible and take a very good look at the cultural issues surrounding the Bible.