The C.S. Lewis Institute: True Tolerance

December 5, 2012

A conversation between a believer and a relativist reveals a major cultural view- point based on a common misunderstanding of the concept of tolerance:

Bill: I think a Christian assertion of absolute truth leads to intolerance.

John: I certainly agree that there have been many intolerant Christians throughout the ages and that intolerance is wrong. But do you think that intolerance is wrong and tolerance is right?

Bill: Of course.

John: Don’t you realize that you’ve just made an objective moral judgment? You’ve said some- thing is really right and something is really wrong. I thought you believed everything was relative?

Bill: Don’t try to trap me. I’m just saying that Christianity is intolerant.

John: Believers in Christ have a solid foundation for defending tolerance that relativism lacks. In fact, I call cultural relativistic tolerance false tolerance. Tolerance has become their only “absolute.”

Bill: Why is it false?

John: Because it provides no basis for tolerance to be right; whereas, a believer can call tolerance really right and intolerance really wrong.

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One response to The C.S. Lewis Institute: True Tolerance

  1. This is one of the best arguments/discussions I have seen to defend Christianity’s position on absolute truth. Thanks for sharing it!