Vatican Posting of Cordileone to SF Sends Media into Frenzy

July 30, 2012

Boy oh Boy, what a week.  First the Chick-fil-A dust up and now this.  Have you noticed where the single-minded obsession with all things sexual comes from? Not Dan Cathy.  Not Bishop Cordileone.

Here’s an article from Get Religion on the topic:

On Friday, the Vatican announced that Oakland Bishop Salvatore Cordileone would become the archbishop of San Francisco, succeeding Archbishop George Niederauer who hit retirement age last year.

Cordileone is notable for his work with immigrants, his canon law expertise, his work on the traditional Latin Mass and his leadership in the bishops’ national effort to defend the traditional definition of marriage. So in an era where roughly 65% of all news must be pegged to something dealing with homosexuality, you will not be surprised by the headlines:

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