Around The Horn :: 3.14.13 – All Things Roman Catholic

March 14, 2013

Around-the-Horn[1]On Not Being Allowed to Watch The Conclave
From Bad Catholic: I love being Catholic, not only for the vast horizons the Church opens before my searching eyes and thirsting heart, but also for the mighty, wooden doors she closes in front of my inquiring nose. That the Church dares — in a world nauseous with false egalitarianism — to declare things too holy to be dressed in anything but a finery I cannot afford, a secrecy I cannot know, and a reverence I can only hope to attain.

The Last Time This All Happened: Habemus Papam!
It’s an understatement to say that the election of the man to lead 1.1 billion Roman Catholics is a joyous event.

What Muslims Want In A New Pope
An interesting perspective.

Rich Mullins, Asymptotic Catholic
By 1994, Mullins’ attraction to Catholicism was becoming more explicit. He stated in an interview, “The difference between me and most Protestants is most Protestants have no problem at all saying ‘The Lord told me this’ or ‘The Lord told me that,’ but they won’t believe that the Lord speaks through the Pope. You know, at least this guy has some credentials.”

Roger Ebert, A Confused Catholic
I consider myself Catholic, lock, stock and barrel, with this technical loophole: I cannot believe in God. I refuse to call myself a atheist however, because that indicates too great a certainty about the unknowable. My beliefs were formed long ago from good-hearted Dominican sisters, and many better-qualified RCs might disagree.

Penn Jillette Schools Piers Morgan on Catholicism
Ok.  Penn Jillette is an atheist.  Piers Morgan claims to be Roman Catholic.  How is it Morgan is so very ignorant of his own faith?  And, since we’re asking questions, why exactly does this man have a TV show?

Why Evangelical Leaders Loved Pope Benedict XVI
“I can’t think of anybody else who brought to the papacy the kind of theological acumen, savvy, and depth that Benedict XVI did,” George said. “That will be a continuing legacy, to reaffirm the historic theological position of the Catholic Church.”

Electing A New Bishop of Rome
Cardinal Dolan’s final blog post before the Conclave: These last twelve days have been immensely enlightening for me, as I get to know my brother cardinals better. The atmosphere is one of prayer, trust, calm joy, and confidence, with very candid conversations about issues of pastoral urgency, and challenges facing the Church Universal and the next Holy Father.