Unitarian Controversy Over Polyamory

March 27, 2013

Gene Veith over at Patheos writes:

Most churches and theological traditions have their controversies, spats, factions, and schisms.  Unfortunately, that is to be expected among groups of people with strong beliefs.  One would think, though, that Unitarian Universalists would be relatively immune from internal controversies over doctrine, morality, or practice.  After all, Unitarians can believe anything, everything, or nothing at all.

But there is contention among Unitarians over the definition of marriage and whether the denomination should support the legalization of and perform weddings for those who have previously been denied that right.  Not gay marriage–Unitarians have signed on to that years ago–but polyamory.  (Not to be confused with polygamy, a relationship that is “poly,” to use the favored term, may include two men and three women or any other combination of multiple partners.)

From Lisa Miller in the Washington Post:

This is quite a fascinating article in light of the move to recognize “gay marriage” as good, wholesome and legal.  Make sure you read it all.