Around the Horn :: 5.21.15

May 21, 2015

Around-the-Horn[1]David Letterman’s Long Shadow
From The AtlanticThe departing host might be the last true innovator in late-night comedy.

Village Sermons
From George Burder: 52 plain and short discourses on the principal doctrines of the Gospel.

New Wine at St. Andrew’s in 2016
Sam Storms speaks at the next New Wine.

Wolf Hall and the Protestant Reformation
If you watched the PBS series Wolf Hall, you may be interested in this article on the main characters and what became of them.

The Best Idioms from Around the World

Louis CK’s Saturday Night Live Opening Monologue Was Awesomely Offensive
From Mollie Hemingway: Louis CK told jokes about racism, the Israel-Palestine conflict and child molestation. They were offensive — but also funny. Deal with it.

Pew and the Three American Worldviews
From Ross DouthatI’ve played with the idea that we have three major worldviews sharing space in American culture, which you might label biblical, spiritual and secular respectively.

Millennials, Screwtape, and the Homo-Tsunami
As the sexual controversies of our day continue to unfold, the need of the hour is for believers to understand what is actually going on, and how we got to this place.

Learning from Mistakes
From David Brooks: If you could go back to 1889 and strangle Adolf Hitler in his crib, would you do it?

When Hope and History Rhyme
From Tim Keller: Christianity, however, understands history to be under the control of God, who is moving it purposefully toward a great and irreversible climax.

The Compassionate Truth About Judgement
One of the greatest stumbling blocks to Christianity, especially among those who are drawn to the idea of a loving, compassionate God, is the Bible’s teaching on judgment.

Christian Zionism: On the Rise in Unlikely Places?
An interesting read from Gerald McDermott