Around the Horn :: 3.17.16

March 17, 2016

Around-the-Horn[1]What is An Anglican?
The word “Anglicanism” is a slippery one. In the nineteenth century, the “high church” Oxford Movement tried to invent this idea that the Church of England was a nice middle way (a via media) between Rome and Geneva. 

J.I. Packer – Why Christians do not need to fear death.

The HUUUGE Cultural Shift that’s Helping Trump Win Evangelicals
Could it be that America’s evangelicals just aren’t all that evangelical anymore?

Sex Trumps History
As a teacher of history, I often wonder why history as a discipline occupies such a low place in today’s society. When I tell people at parties that I teach church history, it is hard to tell whether it is the church or the history part which more marks me out as a sociopathic weirdo. Indeed, there are few trades which seem more irrelevant today than the traditional study of the past.

God’s Bounded Freedom
God’s freedom is a bounded freedom. The Father is not free to be other than Father, other than the One who loves and gives to the Son. The Son is not free to abandon His Father, to become un-Son. The Spirit is not free to become a free Spirit, free of the Father and Son. In their boundedness to one another and in their relations, they are free. We might even say, paradoxically, that this is precisely the form that God’s infinite freedom takes. God’s infinite freedom doesn’t mean freedom from all and every definiteness or boundedness, but freedom to be unboundedly the God that He is.

On Nude Selfies
Wendy Alsup (Practical Theology for Women) looks at this growing phenomenon and what it means.

Why A Synthesizer Isn’t The Holy Spirit
In recent decades ambient sounds have become omnipresent in church gatherings. Meetings start with a synth swell and every song after that is connected to the next with musical glue. Synth pads play softly behind prayer, Scripture readings, song intros, communion, and in some cases, the preaching. If you don’t have someone who can produce the necessary sounds, no worries. “Worship pads” in every key are available for purchase to smooth out the transitions.  Which raises the question: what’s going on?