Devotional #64

September 14, 2009

Question 64. But doesn’t this teaching make people indifferent and wicked?

Answer: By no means: for it is impossible that those, who are implanted into Christ by a true faith, should not bring forth fruits of thankfulness (a).

(a) Matthew 7:18: A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit.

For your personal reflection:
If the branch abides in the vine fruit is the inevitable consequence.  The sap which flows through the vine makes both the branch alive and produces fruit.  So it is with the believer.  Those who have been grafted into Christ are made alive and will produce the fruit of this union.  Even the thief on the cross bore fruit the moment he trusted Christ by witnessing to the other, unrepentant, thief.

If being grafted into Christ always produces good works in the life of the believer why then do some who profess Christ show not fruit?

2 responses to Devotional #64

  1. Good Question at the end. Nice analogy the tree sap is the life of the tree. The blood of Christ is the life of the believer. Time to bear fruit!

  2. I got recruited for Alpha.Whats an old dog like me doing in Christianity 101.I’ll tell you.It’s because I’m part of the tree that helps hold up some of those branches.Tonight at our table I was able to share the promise that God gives us.It is true.He did’nt say that we would never be sick and die.He did’nt say that we would’nt have bad things happen to us like going bankrupt or losing our jobs or having our spouse run off with somebody else.Gods Promise to us through it all is that he will never leave us.Knowing That and being very sure of it means that I can handle it,and whatever comes next. So can the person I had a chance to share with.Steve heres a HEADS UP for you. Sept. 21 is the 20th aniversery of the landfall of HUGO.Many in your church and Alpha carry baggage from it.Just imagine being really scared.Now imagine being terrified.Imagine being terrified for an hour.Now imagine being absolutely terrified and shaken like a cat shaking a rat for four hours.You got people sitting in your pews who’ve been there and may never be the same.No easy answers.Was God there with us? YEH