The Era of the Narcissist

June 15, 2010

It’s time for me to learn more about Aaron Kheriaty.  Of course as soon as I write that I realize that dozens of you are probably smacking your head in amazement that there is still someone out there that hasn’t heard of him – sort of like the clergyman who wrote me recently wondering, “who is this Tim Keller?”   Several times the past few weeks I’ve read material that referenced him or work he’s done.  Then, today, I stumbled across the below article.  Here’s what caught my eye:

Of all the astonishing features of the medieval cathedrals, one feature must stand out as particularly surprising to the modern mind: We have no idea who designed and built them. In a fashion quite foreign to contemporary practice, the architects and builders did not bother to sign their names on the cornerstones. The anonymity of the great souls responsible surely seems strange to our age. Why build the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Chartres if you can’t take credit for it? No lasting fame? No immortalized human glory? We are, if not scandalized, at the very least perplexed by the humility of these forgotten artists who labored in obscurity. Do and disappear? This is not how we roll in the America of the twenty-first century.

Here’s the rest.

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  1. Good article… I’d add that in a sense, all of us are recovering narcissists who claim to be believers. A shift away from preferences to demands in almost every facet of living is contributing to this as well. Narcissistic personalities are among the hardest, most difficult personality disorders to treat, clever and sophisticated, avoidant, blame-shifting and ever resistant of genuine intimacy. As our culture encourages more avenues of psyeudo intimacy (texting, pornography, etc.) we will indeed, i think, see a rise if not in genuine NPDisorders but at least in behavior. The method of healing for NPD is in part, intimacy – so here’s hoping and praying that as church’s grow and extend themselves, that what they attempt to reproduce are genuine examples of this.

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