39 Articles Sermon Series

April 18, 2012

This Sunday we kick off a sermon series working our way through the Thirty-Nine Articles.  We’ve broken the sermons down into a series of mini-series that address the Articles thematically.  Of particular enjoyment will be some of the guest preachers we’ve arranged to take on a particular Article: Kendall Harmon, Peter Moore and Justyn Terry.  I’m sure a few more names will be added in the weeks ahead.

Here’s the schedule:

God is Love

April 22          The Trinity: God is Love     (Article I)

April 29          The Incarnation: God Manifests His Love     (Article II)

May 6             Death & Resurrection: God Proves His Love     (Articles III & IV)

May 13           The Holy Spirit: God Gives His Love      (Article V)


Can You Hear Me Now?

May 20           Scripture: God Speaks     (Articles VI & VII)

May 27           Tradition: The Redeemed Speak     (Article VIII)


Cause, Condition, and Remedy

June 3            Sin: A Treatable Disease     (Articles IX, X, XI)

June 10          Works: The Wrong Treatment     (Articles XII, XIII, XIV)

June 17          Christ: The Right Medicine     (Article XV)

June 24          Sanctification: Health Takes Time     (Article XVI)

July 1             Perseverance: Trust the Doctor, Not the Patient     (Article XVII)


The Church

July 8              The Church: Founded on the Name of Christ     (Article XVIII)

July 15            The Church: A Hospital for Sinners     (Article XIX, XX, XXI)

July 22            Pastors: Attending Physicians     (Article XXIII)

July 29            Baptism: A Badge of Health     (Article XXVII)

August 5         The Lord’s Supper: A Gospel Feast     (Article XXVIII)

August 12       The Perfect Prescription     (Article XXXI)

August 19        Discipline: A Last Chance     (Article XXXIII)


Christian Privilege/ Christian Responsibility

August 26      Faith and Politics     (Article XXXVII)

September 2   What’s Mine is Mine?     (Article XXXVIII)

September 9   No Fingers Crossed     (Article XXXIX)

24 responses to 39 Articles Sermon Series

  1. Finishes just in time for a college football sermon series. Offense, defense, referees, struggle, blocking and tackling. Gotta be a good sermon in there somewhere….

  2. Perhps we could all wear helmets to the service. The helmet type with earholes so Bshp Shiori could worship with us if she wants.

  3. 39 Articles? That’s not Anglican.

  4. surprising for a theologically shallow, semi-pelagian, arminian church, yes?

  5. Awesome! If I didn’t have to drive 500 miles I would love to sit in on these. Lol!

  6. Hey Kevin. Audio & video will be online every Sunday at http://www.wearestandrews.com/

  7. Steve writes: “surprising for a theologically shallow, semi-pelagian, arminian church, yes?” (You forgot to mention mutinous.)

    Yeah, there’s got a be a trick here somewhere.

    I will follow this series with great interest. Thanks again for shining the light on this essential, yet sadly oft-neglected, piece of Anglicania (if that’s a word).

  8. That is great, thank you!

  9. I downloaded the App for iPhone what a great resource. Thanks again.

  10. …are a vain thing, fondly invented! 🙂

  11. @Dow – I think you’re being too hard on iPhones 😉

  12. yes, of course, mutinous too 🙂

  13. Looks like a well-planned series. The titles are snappy. I’ll try to listen in.

  14. The titles preach.

  15. …only if they are lifted up, carried about, and adored!

  16. Dow- that hath given occasion to many superstitions

  17. “surprising for a theologically shallow, semi-pelagian, arminian church, yes?”
    Are you insinuating that I have insinuated this? We may have a few Armenians. Someone called me an Amyraldian the other day…really ticked me off.

  18. Not you, Danny. It’s what’s been said about us by some of our outside critics. I was responding to Iain’s (sarcastic) comment about the 39 Articles not being Anglican as it’s often the same bright lights who say such things (and they do say them) that tell us we’re many things which we are not.

  19. And yea, verily, Rob, it overthroweth the nature of an iphone.

  20. I have to say, I’m very excited about this. I’ve been stuck in a place of great confusion lately. Seeing so many blind spots revealed by our Catholic brothers and wondering how to be both faithful to conscience and under authority.

  21. July 1st is going to be a hard day on all those hippies that are in to alternative medicine and don’t go to the doctor. 🙂

  22. Good eye, Andrew.

  23. Steve, I saw Peter Moore last night and he is very excited about his participation in this preaching series.

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