Ohio State and Urban Meyer :: As Big as It Gets

August 30, 2012

Nice article in this morning’s Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Urban MeyerOhio State is big, no doubt. An analysis in the New York Times last year estimated that the Buckeyes had 3.1 million fans, more than any other college football team in the country.

The latest figure from the Ohio State Alumni Association puts the school’s alumni base at 497,962, among the largest in the country. Ask almost any OSU fan, and they’ll have a story about shouting O-H and getting an I-O in return, in sometimes the strangest of places . . . .

If this was a wedding, it would have been on the cover of “People.”

“Now it’s like Jay-Z and Beyonce,” Mekka Don said. “They’re two megastars individually, and when they came together people were, like ‘Oh, my God. They’re going to take over the world.’

“If you’re a casual fan, or an Ohio State fan or an Ohio State hater, I think you can see what he’s going to bring to the program. For the people who don’t like Ohio State, I think people fear what this could mean for Ohio State football”. . . .

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