Excellent Article on Church Buildings

September 9, 2014

A short, thoughtful post from Doug Wilson:

A church building is a staging area, designed for God’s people to use in fulfilling the mission. The mission is the evangelization of the world – for the universal church – and the evangelization of our locale, for the local church. As a staging area, we have to be able to see past it. Marshaling and assembling the troops is not the same thing as sending them out to battle.

This means that if we build our building, and within a year or so it is not big enough to contain us all, that is not a sign of poor planning. It is a sign to us that we are beginning to accomplish the mission. Our goal should not be to have a sanctuary big enough to hold us all, so that we might then settle into our long, slow glide plane into cultural irrelevance . . .

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