J.C. Ryle – Ruler of the Waves

April 2, 2014

A wonderful sermon.  Here’s a snip:

It is good to understand that Christ’s service never did secure a man from all the ills that flesh is heir to, and never will. If you are a believer, you must reckon on having your share . . .
of sickness and pain,
of sorrow and tears,
of losses and crosses,
of deaths and bereavements,
of partings and separations,
of vexations and disappointments
— so long as you are in the body. Christ never promises that you shall get to Heaven without these. He has promised that all who come to Him shall have all things pertaining to life and godliness; but He has never promised that He will make them prosperous, or rich, or healthy, and that death and sorrow shall never come to their family.

I have the privilege of being one of Christ’s ambassadors. In His name I can offer eternal life to any man, woman or child who is willing to have it. In His name I offer pardon, peace, grace, glory, to any son or daughter of Adam who reads this message. But I dare not offer that person worldly prosperity as part and parcel of the Gospel. I dare not offer him . . .
long life,
an increased income
and freedom from pain.

I dare not promise the man who takes up the cross and follows Christ that in following Him he shall never meet with a storm.

I know well that many do not like these terms. They would prefer having . . .
Christ — and good health,
Christ — and plenty of money,
Christ — and no deaths in their family,
Christ — and no wearing cares,
Christ — and a perpetual morning without clouds.

But they do not like . . .
Christ — and the cross,
Christ — and tribulation,
Christ — and the conflict,
Christ — and the howling wind,
Christ — and the storm.

Be sure to read it all.

One response to J.C. Ryle – Ruler of the Waves

  1. If we embrace scripture as God breathed, how else do you deal with. ” Take up my cross”.
    We are after all just sojourners. Our hope is in the world to come.