My Hero Is A Homemaker

May 12, 2014

One of the better posts I read in tribute to Mother’s Day.

Hats off to these real-life heroines. Hollywood boasts in the Avengers but heaven boasts in the mothers. The trend is to scoff at the alleged worth and dignity of the stay-at-home mom. But her Creator will vindicate her cause. Her lasting legacy transcends the scoffers. Brush that dirt off your shoulder, mommas. The enduring impact of all you God-entranced women, women like Danni Komatsu, will eternally invalidate the demeaning of the larger culture. Contra the claims of many in this culture, when I see women like my mother, I see irreplaceable jewels of dignity, value, intelligence, redemption, faith, preciousness, and eternal impact. She is, along with scores of Christ-loving mothers like her, a kingdom-building warrior and a disciple-making world changer.

God is to be praised for gifting us with these steadfast, immovable, faith-filled mothers. As we tribute their lives, we glorify God for saving them and establishing them as bastions of society, bulwarks of the family, and pillars of the church. I love you, mom, and all you other moms like her.

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