Holy Trinity Raleigh Builds New Building in the Heart of the City

March 4, 2015

Just back from parish visits to St. Barnabas and All Saints in Charlotte followed by meetings with Bishop Steve Breedlove and his leadership team heading up the Simeon Fellowship so I missed posting this great article.  Such good news.

 — The church near the corner of Peace and Blount streets looks as though it could have been there for centuries, with its peaked roof and mottled brick walls – except for the insulating wrap that still sheaths half its exterior. 

It’s the first new church building to be built in downtown Raleigh for half a century.

“We wanted to build a transcendent space,” said the Rev. John Yates III, his breath hanging beneath the arching steel bones of the sanctuary. To his left, a construction worker rode an accordion lift to finish the details of a window that reached toward the 60-foot ceiling.