The ACNA and the Centrality of Scripture and the Articles

April 23, 2015

Excellent article from Anglican Mainstream:

In contrast (to the CofE), what the Anglican Church in North America is doing, and what GAFCON is doing,  is centripetal. Not flinging things outwards.  But drawing things in to the centre. Like dust being drawn up into a tornado.

But what is that centre? Is it a particular person’s version of the faith? Is it the personality of one Archbishop? Is it the the narrow agenda of a particular group of Archbishops, as many in the liberal media would want to portray it ?

No. What is at the centre is the Bible: the Bible as authoritative for all faith and conduct; the Bible as its own interpreter, rather than being read through the spectacles of super elevated human reason and contemporary secular culture.

In addition,  the Anglican 39 Articles of religion are being reasserted as being at the centre:  it is those Articles that makes us specifically Anglican Christians rather than Baptist or Pentecostal or Presbyterian Christians.

The Bible and the 39 Articles of Religion (and the Anglican liturgy based upon the Book of Common Prayer) is what unites us as Anglicans. And so if we want to be Anglican, and properly Anglican, and recover Anglicanism, we need to get back to that centre.

And like the spokes on a bicycle wheel come closer to one another, the closer they get to the hub, so Anglicans are drawn closer to each other, the closer we come back to the historic core of our faith.

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