Around the Horn :: 3.03.16

March 3, 2016

Around-the-Horn[1]5 Prayers to Pray for Your Husband
Five great ways to pray for your husband.

Speedos or Shorts? Bikinis or Bathing Suits?
Two things in the last week have brought to my attention that those who wish to maintain anything approaching traditional Christian standards are facing a brave new world. The first was a conversation with a young couple who were reflecting on the problem of finding modest, non-sexualizing clothes for their very young daughters, a point which led them to express concern about the educationally sanctioned sexualization of even elementary school children.

About the Chick on the Piano
To borrow a great phrase from Russell Moore, we are talking about a man whose attitude toward women resembles that of a Bronze Age warlord. We haven’t seen anything like that since . . . oh, since the spouse of the current Democratic front-runner, whose attitude toward women resembles that of Suleiman the Magnificent.

What to Do if You are Confused or Offended by Flannery O’Conner’s Stories
Readers are often offended by Flannery O’Connor’s stories. They ought to be; the stories are offensive. Jesus’s parables would offend us, too, if we hadn’t heard them so many times—or if we were paying better attention.

Bitter Contract Dispute Over Who Owns Yosemite Names
“It’s disgusting that a private company can trademark a name that belongs to the land and to the people,” said Mr. Whitcher, a retired doctor from San Francisco. “There’s one word for this: greed. In all caps.”

Building a Survival Fire
Because you really ought to know how to do something practical.