Around the Horn :: 6.30.16

June 30, 2016

Around-the-Horn[1]How To Recognize A Spirit-Filled Church
Are only some churches Spirit-filled? Or all of them? Or partially filled? What’s the difference between a Spirit-filled and non-Spirit-filled church?

Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Webcam.  Should You?
Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, recently shared a picture of himself celebrating a milestone: Instagram now has five hundred million active users each month. There was Zuckerberg in his office holding an Instagram-like frame in front of himself. The picture would have been unremarkable and quickly forgotten but for this: Astute observers noticed that his laptop was on the desk behind him and that he had placed tape over the camera and the microphone. Those are small but significant details.

Character in Leadership – Does It Still Matter?
In the coming weeks, we are going to be learning a great deal more about the presidential candidates. But it’s also increasingly true that we’re going to be learning a great deal about ourselves as evangelical Christians in America. Perhaps we had better brace ourselves for what we’re going to learn.

7 Lies We Tell Our Children
We all lie to our kids. Sometimes it’s on purpose and for what we deem a good purpose. Sometimes it’s because we so want them to believe something, to feel better, to overcome a challenge, or to work through pain that we will say anything to try to help.

5 Reasons Your Teenager Needs to Know Theology
The world can be really confusing for teenagers. We’re coming of age in a shifting moral landscape, where the most pressing challenges and culture’s loudest critics are ever changing and perpetually conflicting. We see scandals and sound-bites, terrorism and Trump, new sexual ethics and harsh racial tensions, and we wonder, “How am I supposed to think about all this?”

It’s Time To Talk: 10 Reasons You Should Break-up With Joel Osteen
Yes we know, he makes you feel good . . . and he’s sooo nice. But let’s be honest: he’s not good for you.

California’s Religious Liberty Moment Coming to A State Near You
From Ed Stetzer: The California legislature is poised to consider legislation that could destroy the ability of numerous faith-based colleges and universities to pursue the mission for which they were created.

Serving in Church When Your Spiritual Gift Isn’t Changing Diapers
The consumer mentality of church members and church-goers is not unique to my generation. It can be found in nearly every demographic in almost every church. Where I most often see it, and where I am most often guilty of it myself, is in the area of service.


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  1. There is no such thing as Freedom of Speech in America. The commentators, coaches and players are limit on what they can say. For instance I believe the NBA Finals was rigged and a lot people around the country also believe that also. The people should be able to say what they think as long as they do not accused anyone. It is obvious they should have call a flagrant two on James for throwing Green to the floor and then stepping over him. The best team in the league was Golden State and they would have won if had not been for bad officiating. They call fouls on Curry that what not fouls. For instance Curry was guarding another player and the Cavaliers player came over and bump him and they called the foul on Curry. Curry was running up the court and James fell and they called the foul on Curry. They was cunning they call two quick foul on Curry in the first quarters so that it would affect his play. Anytime a player has two quick fouls in the first quarter it will affect how he can play the rest of the game. I believe they gave James the championship because this is the only chance James had a chance to win. There will be no more championship for James he was given a gift. James is finish. I could say more about James but I won’t except that he should keep his mouth shut. Let someone else say you are the best. Stop bragging. Freedom of Speech in America is propaganda.