Around the Horn 7.14.16

July 14, 2016

How Can Blacks And Whites Stand Together On Racial Injustice
A conversation with Garrett Kell (DelRay Baptist Church), Darryl Williamson (Living Faith Bible Church) and John Onwuchekwa (Cornerstone Church)

Are We On The Road To National Ruin?
Blood was in the streets last week — victims of police violence in two cities and slain cops in another. America’s leadership crisis looked dire. The F.B.I. director’s statements reminded us that Hillary Clinton is willing to blatantly lie to preserve her career. Donald Trump, of course, lies continually and without compunction.

Grieving Racial Injustice As Citizens of the Kingdom of God
Do not retreat to your racial, economic, or privileged tribes, but retreat with your brothers and sisters from every tongue, tribe, people, and nation, to the gospel tribe. Retreat to Jesus. And seek refuge in him as you weep and pray and work for justice.

On Abortion and Racism: Why There is A Greater Evil in This Election 
From Thabiti Anyabwile – What was the same in each instance was the dreadful sense that African-American lives were nothing to be respected, protected or celebrated. What was largely the same in those instances was an encounter with what generally felt like white American and Christian indifference, antipathy and resentment.

What’s Going On?
Marvin Gaye wrote these words in light of the political and social turmoil of the late 60s and early 70s. And yet, as we look out on the landscape of our time we could easily and rightly raise the question again, “What’s Going On?”

Our Fractured Society: A Conversation with Yuval Levin
MP3.  Levin is the Hertog Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and the founder and editor of the journal National Affairs. He is a former White House and congressional staffer and a contributing editor to National Review and the Weekly Standard.

What Shootings and Racial Justice Means for the Body of Christ
What we should understand, first, is that this crisis is not new. Many white evangelicals will point to specific cases, and argue that the particulars are more complex in those situations than initial news reports might show. But how can anyone deny, after seeing the sheer number of cases and after seeing those in which the situation is all too clear, that there is a problem in terms of the safety of African-Americans before the law. That’s especially true when one considers the history of a country in which African-Americans have lived with trauma from the very beginning, the initial trauma being the kidnapping and forced enslavement of an entire people with no standing whatsoever before the law. For the black community, these present situations often reverberate with a history of state-sanctioned violence, in a way that many white Americans—including white evangelicals—often don’t understand.

Three Compelling Questions for Us All
From Ray Ortlund: Brothers and sisters, we must come to grips with three hard questions. And because they are hard, we need help from Jesus.

How To Pray In Our Time of National Crisis
Our country is in pain.  A series of inexplicable killings, including five police officers in Dallas, has occurred this week. Many of us are anxious and hurting. All of us are confused.