Who is The Ox?


Hello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Steve Wood and I am the Bishop of the Diocese of the Carolinas (a diocese in the Anglican Church in North America) and the Rector, or Senior Pastor, of St. Andrew’s Church in Mt. Pleasant, SC. My family (1 wife, 4 sons and a dog) moved to the lowcountry from Ohio in August 2000.  We have now added three daughters-in-law and two grandchildren.  I studied theology at Virginia Theological Seminary earning an M.Div.  I am currently pursuing doctoral courses at Reformed Theological Seminary.

After an extended absence, I’ve returned to this blog and the purposes for which I established it.  Primarily, though, my hope is to create a community where conversation on topics ranging from sports to current events to matters of theology – and everything in between – takes place. Regular readers will find, I hope, a helpful and fun (and maybe, at times, annoying) resource for your spiritual journey. Many of the thoughts, comments and conversation starters will be mine. However, the reader will also discover the thoughts of respected, and some not-so-respected, thinkers (Christian and other) on a variety of topics.

If you wish to stay current with this blog, I suggest you do so via an RSS feed.  (One of our staff favorites for aggregating RSS feeds is Google Reader.) That way, anytime a new post is posted or a new comment is posted, you will be notified.

Welcome to my neighborhood, I look forward to our conversations!